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 Take Surveys For Cash The recent downturn in the economy has taken its toll on millions of people. Unemployment is up and a number of brick and mortar businesses are seeing their business suffer as fewer and fewer people come in to shop.A souring economy isn't necessarily bad for everyone, however. In fact, a receding economy can actually work in favor of those who participate in online affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you don't actually have to stock or sell products, you only have to refer customers to the Website where the product can actually be purchased, using a special link provided to you by the actual seller. If you can persuade your prospective customer to click your link and make a purchase, the seller rewards you with a commission. Lowered cost of doing business. Many online marketers conduct business using small Websites that review the products in question. Web hosting has become so inexpensive over time that it is, in some circumstances, nearly free. Some Web hosts offer accounts for as little as $5 per month that allow you to host multiple Websites for that price. It's possible, depending on the size of your site, to host as many as fifty sites using such an account. That's far cheaper than trying to run a traditional brick and mortar store with rent and employees. The low cost of doing business online is quite attractive in a down economy.Advertising costs are cheaper online, too. You can run a series of pay per click ads on the major search engines for mere pennies per visitor, and you won't have to pay a dime unless someone actually clicks on the link In your ad. That means that you are only paying for results. In traditional advertising, you never know who is going to respond to your advertising. In a receding economy, you don't even know if anyone will respond at all.

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