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Surviving The Final Bubble

Eagle: "Taking term insurance is another way to become self-insured. If I pay a smaller premium, and take the difference between the lower premium I now pay for term life and the higher premium I would have paid for whole life or universal life and invest it in a disciplined manner over the 20 years, I will probably have an estate to pass on to my heirs at the end of the term. Even if I am uninsurable at the end of the 20 years, I will have, most likely, become self-insured with my own asset values." Please Note: (It would be wise to take the added precaution of buying term insurance that is renewable. You would pay just a little bit more for renewability. If things go wrong and you are not self-insured at the end of the term, you will be able to renew the policy for another term even if you are uninsurable. You should carefully read and understand Chapter 5 of "The Wealthy Barber" by John Chilton before making any kind of life insurance decisions. He discusses the importance of getting term insurance that is both renewable and convertible. He explains the decision-making process involved in determining who needs to be insured, what kind of coverage is required, and how much the death benefit ought to be.)

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