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Slow days? No problem. A bunch Push Money App of cancellations? No problem. Decide on your "special," type it in on your master panel of your mobile app, hit the 'send' button and "PUSH" it out to your clients; right to their phone... and wahlah, your phone begins to ring! Coupons - Did you know that coupons offered to clients via a mobile app, has been shown to be redeemed 10 times more than the typical paper coupon! This is huge! In other words, 1 out of 100 people will use a paper coupon from a newspaper or magazine ad or mailer, but 1 in 10 will use a coupon that is given to them via the app. Ten times more! Punch Cards - Did you that 28% of people will use a business if the business has a loyalty punch card program! That is huge and your app has that "punch card" feature build right in. You know, the Buy 5, get the 6th Free offer. No more spending money every month on those little cards and a specially shaped paper punch only to have your clients lose them! It is all controlled within your app. There is no doubt that mobile business apps are becoming more important to spas and salons with each day that goes by; and with good reason. The benefits this mobile business tool provides is second to none among other marketing tools available to date and costs so much less than any other marketing campaigns based on the high return from what the app can give you from using these three powerful features. You may be thinking this is just another thing for you to add to your "to do" list, but the opportunities a your own mobile app for your spa or salon far outweigh the little time spent and the costs. Really is it too hard to type out a sentence, push a button and then have your phone ringing so your clients can spend money? Nah! Discover how to consistently bring new customers through your doors and your current clients coming back more often and spending more money.

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