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Alcohol drains water from the skin Le Programme de Reconstruction Capillaire cells causing them to dry out and they indicate the stress as a burning sensation. Once you take alcohol, it makes you feel warm because when consumed, it acts as a drug and causes the blood vessels to expand. This causes more blood to flow to the skin, feet and hands and leave you with a warm sensation. The inflammation of the cells generates heat, which is the source of the burning and stinging sensation and the fact that the threshold of the receptors has been lowered too much leads to pain. However, this feeling of warmth does not mean you really are warm! Blood act as a medium for transferring heat, and if it is at the body surface, then this means that you are losing heat. It is therefore very risky for someone suffering from hypothermia to take alcohol. 

However, if you are just cold and in a warm place, taking shots of spirit to keep you warm and make you comfortable does not do you harm. Exposing these receptors to alcohol is basically the same as applying an antiseptic on a cut. There are people who believe that alcohol-based disinfectants are the best for applying to a cut. This could never be more wrong! What these chemicals actually do is that they kill all cells, including the good healthy ones. Don't you think that this is the reason why you feel that burning pain? Therefore, as much as they clear off the bad bacteria, they also slow down the whole process of healing. If you want the best and sure most healing process, do yourself a favor and leave antiseptics out of the question. Just run some clean, cold water over the wound. By so doing, you get to clean the wound without killing any healthy cells. 

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