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The Awakened Source Review A unibrow is the term that Americans use to describe an individual who has so much hair between his or her eyebrows that the two appear to be connected. Generally individuals of both genders prefer to not have a unibrow as it is a source of low self-esteem and embarrassment. Those who have a unibrow believe that the only way to restore their self-esteem is to complete a unibrow removal. This is not a very daunting task, as there are a wide variety of hair removal products available on the market today. The biggest challenge when removing a unibrow is determining which of these products to use, as they vary based on cost, required usage frequency, ease of use, and amount of time that results will last. Before determining which of the many hair removal products is the best option, consider these two extremes:Shaving: This is the easiest way to remove hair that grows between eyebrows, as an individual only needs a razor and one minute in front of a mirror. Unfortunately razors only remove hairs at skin level, so hair does not stay gone for long and will need to be shaved again every 2-3 days. Laser Hair Removal: Others choose to visit a laser hair professional to complete a unibrow removal. Treatments are very costly, with the final price tag being roughly $500, and not entirely permanent as individuals will need to return annually for a touch-up. It is still the most permanent option available.As mentioned above, shaving and laser hair removal are both two opposite yet equally extreme options. Most would prefer hair removal products that fall somewhere in the middle: more effective than shaving but less expensive than laser treatments. Products that fit this description are:Hair Removal Cream: This cream is engineered to weaken hair follicles at the base, causing them to fall out without causing pain for most users. Individuals apply the cream on the site of unwanted hair, causing follicles to fall out soon after. Hair removal cream is inexpensive and only causes pain for those with sensitive skin.Hot Wax: Purchased in a jar, hot wax is placed at the site of unwanted hair and left to dry. Once it has dried, it is removed and pulls out hairs as it is removed. Individuals experience a few seconds of pain but benefit from the fact that waxing is such a simple process. Waxing Strips: As a less messy alternative to purchasing hot wax, individuals can buy cloth or paper strips coated in wax. These strips are placed on top of unwanted hair and ripped off in one swift motion, removing hair at the roots. Results last 2-3 weeks and while using waxing strips for unibrow removal will cause some pain, hair removal products such as strips for sensitive skin can help minimize the pain.When choosing to use wax-based hair removal products, be sure to also purchase after-waxing oil. This oil will remove wax residue and soothe the skin so that pain, redness, and risk of infection are minimized. Before completing a unibrow removal, speak with a supplier of the products mentioned above to determine which option is best.

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