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care and why you vita luminance should to best use one of sera, Alvin Ronlán explained here. ICON: What do you think of the moisturizers that you can buy in the drugstore? Alvin Ronlán: Most products have a good quality, others are terrible - and that did not always have something to do with the price. Basically, I think many moisturizers for far too complicated. You have too many ingredients, some 20 to 40. I have worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry and therefore knows how hard it is, already to prove the effectiveness of a substance. What 20 till 40 of which cause in the combination, is out virtually impossible. ICON: What does this mean for the consumer? Ronlán: He has to find out what works for his skin. In this sense, the customer is the experimental animals in the cosmetics industry. ICON: But the manufacturers test their products yet. Ronlán: That's right, they make sure that their creams and serums are safe. Good company check certainly the effect of their products. But the question is: What do they need all these ingredients? Yes, taken alone they have great effects on the skin, if they unfold in the combination, but you do not know. ICON: They criticize especially one ingredient that is contained in any moisturizer: preservatives. Ronlán: Right, all cosmetic emulsions based on oil or a type of fat and water. This bacteria feel incredibly well. Of course, one can prepare creams under sterile conditions. But at least when you open the package then, the product is contaminated with bacteria and dirt.

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