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Fast Cash Club I would like to bring your mind back to a time when, if we were overweight we would go to the gym, walk around the block every afternoon and take up a social sport as well as watch what we ate.. NOT ANY MORE this trend seems to be just that, something you do as it gets closer to the summer months, or because we have a special event coming up! Our health use to be a priority. These days its the use of interactive video games that are somehow our justified exercise. As soon as we get bored with the interaction of a computer game its not a matter of going outside and doing some real exercise, we simply order another game or watch TV.Kids these days have every computer game and gismo they can get their hands on...and to all you parents, our culture has dropped into the realm of binary lifestyles, go to work in the car, work indoors all day, drive home and sit in front of the digital TV before dinner and bed. Huge digital or HD televisions with surround sound systems in huge lounge rooms so the kids have room to play. No back yard because we don't want to or haven't got the time or incentive to mow the grass or garden or even play outside with loved ones. There is only so much mental and physical stimulation a computer can give you... And I truly believe it has some serious side effects on today's social culture. These days we have so many synthetic food sources, its hard to know what is actually organic and natural, and it now has to have a Certified Organic label on it to prove it is actually 100% Organic. Do you know how many preservatives are in your daily nutritional intake? Do you read the ingredients of the foods on your shopping list.. or the actual food that appears in your shopping trolley..Admit it.. we all manage to put more in our trolleys than we actually first set out to buy.When was the last time you played outside with your kids? When was the last time you walked to the shops to get the simple things like milk, bread and butter? I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, however if it is having that effect then hopefully you will make a conscious decision to be active.....yes PROACTIVE! We have become so REACTIVE in our lives because of the need to speed everything up a little, or get it on the spot..Convenience is costing the earth in medical bills and the health of today's society is dropping rapidly. Have you ever noticed in the Olympics who wins most of the marathons or are at least in packs to the final stages, The African nations and other third world cultures..Yes! Those we seem to think are on the verge of starvation are fitter than most other Athletes. Isn't it ironic that our third world neighbours are the fittest and healthiest? What does that say about our nutrition?     

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