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Midnight Money Machine Review A binary option is a selection that pays either a fixed amount or nothing at all. This depends on whether certain conditions are met when the option finally expires. Options are the simplest trading products. The trader knows exactly what profit they will receive and what they will lose at the time of placing a binary trade. You can purchase binary contracts on stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. The beauty of a binary option is the high payout potential within a short trading period. As a mass market trading tool, binaries empower traders with flexible trading approaches. There are not complexities involved in trading with binaries. You either lose or you win. Most traders use these options to enhance short term portfolios and to speculate in financial markets during specific time periods. Simplicity is the highest advantage of binary options. The concern is whether the asset closes above or below the trading price. It is very straightforward and the only consideration is the direction of the asset price. There is limited risk and the payout is predetermined or determined at the time of trade. The potential risks and rewards are known from the outset of the trade. With traditional trading in commodities and assets there are no distinct parameters. The loss or gain is risky and highly speculative. You can simplify your portfolio hedging practices. No matter what a binary option closes at, the option is paid out at the full rate. This is true even if the closing price is minimal. You can trade on multiple time frames in the options market. Binaries are positioned in a variety of global markets from different stock exchanges and you are able to trade via the Internet on a 24/7 basis.  

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