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Pure Natural Healing Review Although its name suggests it, ringworm is not an illness caused by a worm, it is a fungal infection of the skin that resembles a worm. The ringworm fungus can grow on the skin and cause a red itchy circular patch to appear. This patch is bright red towards the edges and a less bright red towards its center, forming a ring. Because the skin is more irritated near the margins of the ringworm infection it is also a little swollen there, so the affected areas look like a small worm that has the shape of a ring - this is why the illness is called ringworm. The majority of ringworm infections can be easily treated at home, but you should first consult a doctor that will prescribe you the best medication that fits your case. The most used ringworm medication are different kinds of ointments that must be applied on the skin a few times a day for a few days until the infection is gone, and afterwards in order to make sure that it won't appear again. Sometimes although you used the prescribed cream ringworm does not go away. In this case the infection is stronger and it needs to be treated with anti-fungal pills. If you don't take the ringworm medication exactly as the doctor tells you to the infection can return even if the red itchy areas have disappeared.

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