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surviving the final bubble Review Survival skills ensure a person has the means to live through a variety of disasters and situations that would otherwise guarantee a person's demise. In this day and age, a person can never be too prepared. Knowledge is power and knowledge of survival skills could mean the difference between life and death. Survival skills can provide a person with the means necessary to cope with a variety of disasters and traumatic events. Natural disasters, acts of war or seemingly innocent accidents can place an individual in a situation where survival skills are needed. One of the most important factors in the aftermath of a disaster is learning how to survive in one's surroundings. Survival schools can teach a person how to find and get food for survival for themselves and their loved ones. Things that would not ordinarily cross a person's mind as being edible are often used as sustenance in emergency situations. However, it is imperative a person knows exactly what plants or bugs are safe to eat. Some species can be poisonous. Water is another major necessity for survival. Often times a survival blog will provide opinions on what should be procured first between food, water and shelter. Each situation is different. Training ensures a person will know what should be done first to guarantee survival. A human can only survive three to five days without water. A human can survive weeks without eating. Learning how to identify and track some animals is a valuable skill. Survival may be dependent on a person's ability to hunt and kill an animal. Without modern hunting conveniences, tracking skills are imperative. Many animal tracks will lead to a clean, usable water source as well.Food for survival is only one factor a person will need to learn. Survival training will also include tips on building shelters.
A shelter can and must be constructed out of whatever materials are available. Extreme weather may make procuring shelter a top priority. The shelter will need to be sturdy enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature is dishing out. Learning how to construct ropes and various tools can ensure a person has the protection needed to survive another day in a hostile environment.   

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