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Reveser My Tinnitus Tinnitus can assume on many sounds from buzzing, beeping, roaring, whistling, hissing, whooshing to humming, beating, or chirping. Whatever the sound may be the fact remains that there is no cure for tinnitus. It is a ringing in ears that can change how you live every day. The severity of your case differs from everyone else's and you are the only one who can hear it; tinnitus does not have an external source. Tinnitus is a unique condition to the sufferer. It can range in pitch and tone and from person to person. This could be a life changing experience that can get so bad that it takes over ever second of your day. The brutality that some sufferers endure with tinnitus can affect all those around them as well. Not that they can hear it, but tinnitus can change a lot of things around you and your health. Sleep is very important to your health and if this condition is keeping you awake all night then you will tend to get moody and sick more often. Concentration also can become a thing of the past; the ringing can become so loud that your thoughts can be overrun by it. You can have this in one ear or the other and in both ears at the same time. Here are just some of the forms of tinnitus:

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