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The DIY Smart Saw Review 

The appeal of these species is often in their rich colors and their durability. Many are considerably harder than oak or maple. A number of tropical woods have been acclaimed as environmentally friendly due to their quick growth rate. The quickest self-replenishers are bamboo and cork (neither are a wood). If the environment is of concern to you, look for the FSC stamp on the product you're buying. 

The Forest Stewardship Council is an environmental group that tracks wood production and certifies woods that are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. RECLAIMED WOOD FLOORING - This is another way to recycle. It is not new wood that is made to look old. Reclaimed wood really is old. These antique floor boards come from several sources. It could possibly be flooring removed from an old building; or you could get old timbers that are sliced into floor boards.

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