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Male erection becomes painful as the skin of the penis cracks up. Yeast Infection No More Review  This yeast infection causes can be easily identified. More often the good bacteria ratio in your digestive system becomes unbalanced, allowing yeast fungi to thrive and spread to other parts of the body. 

Everyone can discover if he has the this infection by this symptom. They may either constipate or they expel loose bowels. Men get penis infection from sex or oral sex with women who are infected and anal sex with infected individual. Change under clothing as often as possible. 

Some practitioners suggested that men who are trying to cure this infection with OTC medication should eat yogurt daily. Many antifungal treatments are available but some of them require prescription of a qualified doctor. Besides anti-fungal medication, OTC prescribed by the doctor. There are natural anti-fungal products which were used with proven success. FDA approved some oral drugs that cure this infection without doctor's prescription.

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