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There have been many companies (even to this day) that advertise there business with ridiculous claims of large sums of money practically overnight, with hardly any mention of a product. Steer Digital Altitude Review clear of these because the FTC is cracking down on these things, and it would be a waste of your efforts (as well as the legal ramifications) if you got involved.As in any industry, there's an evolution that takes place that improves the situation for everyone involved over time. The MLM Market is no different. Any market where there is an opportunity for mass profit is going to have it's share of bad apples that spoil it for the rest of the bunch. It's just a sad fact of capitalism.But to label the whole industry as a scam is incorrect, and that's what unfortunately has happened to the MLM industry. So let's take a look at how Network Marketing was operated in the past. 

The less than 1% of the people that were successful in the MLM Market were the extreme extroverts with sales skills to boot. You know the type. The one that could sell ice to an Eskimo. Now obviously the number of people that posses these attributes (especially the sales skills aspect) as a percentage of the whole population is very small, hence the large failure rate. Since the failure rate was huge, coupled with the exaggerated income claims by some questionable companies, people would just dismiss it as a scam.But the advent of technology changed the landscape of Network Marketing. It allowed people with a laptop and inferior sales skills to be able to compete in an industry that was previously dominated by extrovert, alpha male personalities.

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