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Now, what about binary Dubai Lifestyle App Review system of number counting? Here, you have only two digits, 0 and 1. As usual, zero represents nothing (zero mango means there is no mango). So, there is only one core digit which is 1 that in our case represents one mango. Once one core digit (1) is exhausted, how will we count two mangoes? Well again, zero (0) comes into action. So, after 1 is exhausted, you put 0 to count further unit where 0 is preceded by 1. So two mangoes in binary system will read 10. Again to represent three mangoes in binary system, you leverage on zero (in 10 that we saw just now represented two mangoes in binary system) that can be substituted with a weapon in hand 1. So, you have 11 representing three mangoes in binary system, since 10 that represented 2 mangoes left with a scope to change 10 to 11. You rightly understood that you can only have 10 and 11 as two numbers in binary system using 2 places. You cannot have 00 representing any core number in binary system just as in decimal system. It would simply mean zero (0) or nothing.Now, what about four mangoes? Well, you are out of resource to represent a number using two places and two digits. Now, you take recourse to three places. This time put 2 zeros preceding 1. So, four mangoes in binary system will read 100. Again for five mangoes, why not start with 101. You are correct. Now, you also rightly guess that starting 100 as binary number, you can have only 101, 110 and 111 as three more representations using three places.

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