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Surviving The Final Bubble 

Urban Clothing in its infancy was considered by some to be nothing more than a passing phase that was expected to quickly fizzle out. Going on four decades later it's easy to see that urban clothing, and more importantly urban culture have become a household understanding. Fashion brands that were originally designed for minorities have seen their brands enter into exclusive deals with some of the most reputable retailers associated with designer fashion world wide.However, the question that rests with everyone is, how has urban clothing thrived where many other fashion genres have failed? In the Late 70's and 80's the whole thing started. 

It is important to understand that this is known as the "old school" hip hop time, or to some the "golden age" of hip hop. This was when items like the track suit, and bucket hats were the most stylish things you could wear. It is also a necessity to clarify that large gold necklaces, shiny over-sized earrings, multiple rings on each hand, large rim glasses, and shiny name belts were popularized through his time. So for the record the age of "bling" was started from the beginning of the culture. Even with all of this flamboyance hip hop clothing was still only popular by word of mouth, and in desperate need of some help if it was going to survive.

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