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If you come upon a male drought after you start your dating adventures it means you need to stop putting all your energy on men and start upping your level of self care and fun Holy Moly, Jenn it super sux when you have tons of fantastic male attention, and then nothing. ED Reverser Review (insert cricket sounds) What the heck am I doing wrong? Nothing. Well...actually, from my personal experience I always found that my male droughts coincided with being too caught up in men and not enough of me time. So yes, it is a SIGN, that you should take a personal assessment of your life... Are you taking great care of yourself physically, spiritually, spending time with your gals, with your family, neglecting your job...etc and so forth. Find the area you are neglecting and tweak a bit.

After you tweak, make sure you are not doing the tunnel vision routine and scout out a new delicious man to flirt with.When you open up your options for dating you increase exception visibility Okay, I am going to say something that probably will piss a few people off. Men like their women as they like their high dollar toys: someone that everybody wants, but not just anybody can have. This is why while dating, seeing more than one man until you have exclusivity is so important. I am NOT talking about telling him about the other men you are seeing. (I am also NOT talking about intentionally trying to make him jealous or think that you are sleeping with other men) I am talking about having genuine options in men, and genuine options about who you choose to be exclusive with.  

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