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Ice 9 Technology Review The Philosophical Approach - This counts for 25% of the get rich Ads. I like this approach because even if you do not get rich in a week, it will add value to your life. Been a student of philosophy myself, I know there is power in positive thinking and mind frame The prospect receives some sort of value when this approach is used The Learning Curve Approach - This makes up the remaining 10%. This approach does not excite most prospects because it involves doing some work, training and learning the skills of the trade. This approach is mostly turned down, why bother with learning when we can bypass that and get rich in a week Yes, you could earn big through your home business but you have to be willing to put in the time at first, please stop falling for this same old promises that leaves your pockets dry. 

I cannot help but smile when I see people selling gambling tips on-line as a way of making money (i.e.. home business). Guys wise up and get your acts together, let me give you some food for thought, how come all those excellent gambling give away tips always have one thing in common, telling you that the gambling system only works on a particular casino or that their genius binary options trading system has to be used with specified traders. Hope you get the drift (Affiliates). 

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