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Now... most people certainly 17 Minutes Only with Twitter won't see your post, and a good many won't in Facebook or Linked-In either, however this is not an issue. It is not our problem to worry about who will see our posting or not, that is not our responsibility and we should avoid getting attached to the outcome. Our role is to provide the information (post), that is it... Now there is a magic number in marketing and sales this is 3%. This little number is very important. It is the recognised average response rate in a cold market... sometimes it can be more, often less. If we sent out 1000 mailshots then it would be acceptable to set a benchmark of 30 as the number of positive responses. This is about the same % that I have experienced in responses to click-through's on Tweets and Facebook postings. Taking these numbers if we tweeted with a follower list of 30,000 then we could expect around 900 visits. We have absolutely no idea which ones will click the link... or tell a friend or retweet, however the figures can be quite staggering... Imagine if you worked with other 'Big List' owners and offered a percentage to tweet to their lists... and you did this 3 times per day... the number of visits could become very large indeed.

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