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Why are we hearing so much about vision loss and male erectile dysfunction medication? Why are ED Conqueror Review commercials that taunt slogans of living life (viva) also noting that vision loss can occur to their customers? Kind of sounds like the lottery to me... you might lose your vision or you might not. 

Not a game you want to play? Did you know that numerous cases of vision loss are being reported all over the world for male impotence medications? Did you know the male impotence industry is plagued with vision-loss lawsuits? And did you know that as research points to smoking causing cancer; it also points to male erectile dysfunction medication causing vision loss?

Research doesn't lie! If you or someone you love is taking impotence medication, you have the right to know what is going on inside your body. However, only because of recent lawsuits, Erectile Dysfunction Medication Companies are coming clean to protect their investors. It's time you understand why E.D. medication causes vision loss.


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