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Lets look at the Differences: My current training system is almost exclusively online. The seminars are half hour phone calls which include a question an answer period at the end of each call. Try that with a thousand people crammed in a hotel room. Conventions are done regionally or state by state instead of in one central place every three months. Books are a must even though my system does not sell books we still buy and read at least one a month each.This can be tricky. Sometimes people want you to get involved with a business without even trying Maximus Profits the product or service. Does the product work for you and could you easily talk to others about it. Now I say this because the normal person who will tell everyone about the latest movies, music, or restaurant. You know the person. You don't do anything without seeing what they thought first. Suddenly this person brings up their new business or product and you KNOW by their body language they either don't believe in what they are talking about or are unsure of themselves because of the product. 

In order to build this kind of Business you Must Believe in your product or service and be able to bring it up as naturally and the latest movie with people you meet. Do you have the staying power to succeed. How well do you know the person asking you to join their business? Does it matter if six months down the line they quit will you be able to still continue on without them. Many of Network Marketing's top leaders had their sponsors quit. You must have staying power and long term vision to see any business through. To many people quit long before the fruits of their labors are ever realized. Many of my friends are what I call MLM of the Month clubbers. They jump from opportunity to opportunity and make their money by pulling their groups from deal to deal. This is a bad idea all around to many people get hurt when this happens.How is your sponsor making his money. If it costs more that 100 dollars to get involved in a Network Marketing Business. You may be getting scammed. Headhunter fees are Illegal Period.

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