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Like the tortoise, when the five senses of lower-self perception gradually begin withdrawing from the objective, physical world, stress begins to dissolve and the DIY Home Energy conscious mind assumes a peaceful, calm status. This is how the physiology / nervous system / senses gradually acclimatize to withstand the resulting bliss consciousness in and after meditation and transcendence. It's this culturing of the nervous system in bliss which transforms our human consciousness into divine nature -- the subconscious generational thought patterns or, original sin, encountering healing-forgiveness. In practical terms, soul evolution is speeded up consequent of lowering the brain's oscillations: our spiritual vibration attuning divinely, or, awakening of the spiritual brain. It works like this: The brain, in meditation, goes from active Beta 14-22 cycles per second, through calming Alpha 7-14 cps to restful Theta brain speed of 4-7 cps. Theta is deeper than normal sleep hence we feel invigorated, renewed and calm after meditation. While Alpha also brings relaxation and healing (the morning waking state and, the play state of children) it's Theta which vibrates the deep trance state needed for left / right brain harmonization. With regular daily meditation the brain gains the transcendental Delta speed state of 1-3 cps thus representing established Christ or cosmic consciousness.

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