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Meniere's will change your life, forever. No, it won't kill you. It isn't cancer, or heart disease, but it can kill your spirit, your sense of security and your confidence, as well as the ability to drive, and sometimes it can cost you your job. It can cause depression, anxiety and overwhelming fear. It can make you helpless and powerless. It can do all these things, if you choose to allow it. If you decide you want to put up a fight, you can find a way to live with it, and if you are willing to go on the offensive with this awful condition, you can take your life back. It will probably not be Navajo Heaing System the same life you had before Meniere's, when you didn't have to worry about getting dizzy at work or finding a way to hear your grandchildren in a restaurant, but it will be your life, and there are those who would help you win the fight. Here are some tips for establishing your life again as a Meniere's patient: Find a specialist you trust and like. 

You will need a doctor who will take the time to talk to you and then you need to ask, ask, ask all the questions you have. If you feel you're being brushed off with routine answers, find another doctor. Explain your condition to those close to you. Discuss your symptoms and what you know about Meniere's with your family and your colleagues and the boss at work and make it clear to them that you will do everything in your power to manage the disease and remain active in life and at work. Enlist their help. A visit to the Human Resource office, or your union rep. may be necessary to acquaint yourself with your rights and benefits. Take the advice you are given by your medical professionals. There is clearly a lack of valid information about this disease, but there are some things that are known.

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