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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review Our hips and groin area are naturally tight and closed. Closed hips and tight groin make us susceptible to injuries and hinders our overall physical fitness progress especially to our legs. Just like our backs, our hips and groin need to be opened up in order to increase the efficiency of our exercises such as lunges, squats, dead lifts, and many other movements. In addition, we can run faster, jump higher, and move quicker if our hips and groin area are loose and flexilbe. They need to be opened up. By opening up our hips, we can perform many exercises and movements safer, faster, and quicker. 

Especially with men, your hip movements are not as flexible and mobile as they should be- unless you work on it. You need to do movements that will enable you to open up your hips. One exercise that is great to open up your hips is the kneeling lunges. The kneeling lunges is done with one knee touching the ground and the other knee off the ground. The knee that is not touching ground is forming a right angle with the upper leg and lower leg. You are basically doing a lunge with the one knee on the ground.

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