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I understand why people are so excited by the news that scientists are now able to make synthetic collagen that is an absolute match for our own. This new substance will absolutely be used at some point for clinical collagen injections, and will undoubtedly be safer for us to use that the currently used compound that is derived from cows, chickens, and pigs.Scientist have been trying in vain to Cosmic Ordering Secrets create synthetic collagen for the last 30 years, but although they could create isolated particles of the tissue in the lab they could not get them to bond together in order to form the long, fibrous strands that were needed. Then a team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison unlocked the secret for forming these tendrils. Collagen injections were the last thought on the minds of these scientists as they were struggling to come up with an answer to the riddle. 

What they want this tissue for is to have the ability to better reconstruct damaged tissue that is caused by burns, or some other disfiguring accident. They believe that this new collagen will reduce scarring better than its medical predecessor did.Although it was originally intended for surgical and medical procedures synthetic collagen will at some point be used in cosmetics, but I've got to tell you that this new collagen will not do anything more for you as far as changing the way that you look than the products that are currently on the market. The only benefit will be no chance of any adverse reaction.  

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