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There was a time when a business could create a website, publish it on the web and let it just sit there, confident that it was doing its job. Those days are gone.Digital Altitude Review Now, a website is your business, just as much as it is a brochure, a business card, a media pack, a portfolio. If companies want to stay in business, keep old clients and cultivate new ones, then their website needs to have fresh, regular and relevant content. Search engine rankings - 

The type of content a website has helps to determine its search engine position. Search engine crawlers, or bots as they are sometimes known, love websites which have fresh, regularly updated and valuable information. Consequently, they rate them, and rank them, far higher than sites that have old, unchanging content. Demonstrates your expertise - 

Fresh content that imparts information about new products or the latest developments shows that you are keeping up with your industry and that your website still has relevance. Websites that display old, outdated content will cause visitors to click away to find another website that is more useful to them. People like to know they are buying from a company that knows its business, so use your website to demonstrate your knowledge.

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