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One of the very good ways to earn income as many people would say is to engage trading in binary options. Since it consists of speculative investment, it provides the profit potential of approximately 75 percent per hour even though it may be relatively new as a platform. Binary options trading have almost similar basic philosophy to that of conventional trading except for the expiry time or strike price of the options. Aside from that, binary options also offer access to the common trading platforms like forex, stocks, and commodities, but only with a fixed return option. 

While they may be considered as exotic options, binary options are in reality quite easy to use. The general concept is that, traders will earn a fixed amount of return irrespective of how much the financial instrument moved if they wager correctly towards the same direction the market takes together with the price at the expiry time corresponding to the strike price. However, if traders wager incorrectly, then they will lose a fixed amount of the money they have invested. At the outset of a trade, you will be able to see everything - the risk, the strike price, the expiry time, and also the payout. Fundamentally, it is the risk and the payout which the traders wager on.

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