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Ulitmate Vertigo Protocol

As you continue to indulge your taste buds, fats slowly and insidiously creep into your midsection, lying there in comfortable sleep. Fat deposits build up in your arterial walls until one night in the middle of your comfortable life as a couch potato watching your favorite television show, you feel the shortness of your breath and tightness in your chest, then you begin to see stars and black dots and pretty soon, that sharp searing pain that threatens to rip your heart apart. You grip your chest and had the presence of mind to call 911 before passing out. The next morning you find yourself talking with your doctor as he grimly informs you of the need for a heart surgery of some sort that you just can't digest. After all, you're only 25 and in the prime of your life. Our reliance on fast food has become a matter of national concern. As obese Americans continue to grow by the numbers with more coming from the young adult population, it becomes imperative that we start the campaign to wean the fast food addict that have slowly crept into each of us. But because it's food, we don't consider it addiction. After all, food nourishes the body, right? Not all kinds of food.


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