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Nurture your relationships.Quite simply, lonely people don't live as long as those who make sure that they don't sever important, fulfilling relationships. Such people are lifelines. Even if you do happen to live for a very long time, you'll enjoy it many times more with friends and family there Erect on Demand by your side. Don't ever take for granted those who are special to you. We are naturally social creatures. It's in our genes to work well with other people. There's just no getting around that, so maybe it's time to make a phone call or invite someone to a party.

Be near the right people.It's important to surround yourself with people who not only care about your progress in life but also support you in the ways in which you want to grow. Generally these people have their own goals and aspirations in life, so this is naturally their mindset. Moreover, they will want to spend time with you because you support them! Motivation will never be a problem if you can manage to find a social group like this, because many strands make a strong rope which is not easily broken, if you follow me.

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