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Below there is given an example of the slanted channel behavior within M1-timeframe. (For view the picture see notes in end of article) In addition, there are plots that depict the slanted channel behavior in M5 timeframe. Examining such an example of a heavy "bear" trend (GBP/USD pair movement), one can make the following conclusions. The session trend can play the role of the correction of a heavy "bull" trend in the H1-timeframe. The session trend is going on until the price is still remaining on the left of the slanted channel, turned downward. Thus, in practice, each trader who works with 3 screens (according to A. Elder's technique) - or with four screens (according to Masterforex-V trading system) - gets the better of an individual who opens just a single screen in his terminal. A chart can be plotted in any timeframe - whether it is M1, M5, H1, H4, D1, etc. - it does not matter. The slanted channel technique is one of the ways of comprehending the essence of the trend development.

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