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Binary Compound System 
Bullish and bearish strategies are highly recommended for all novice traders, because it is not over complicated, gives an opportunity to use a big variety of tools and indicators, and are profitable if they are clearly understood. As you know, trading binary options are systematic spherical, and first of all, we should define what kind of market is called bullish or bearish. The animals "bull" and "bear" is chosen to describe markets for a reason, comes from the different way that these two use to attack their opponents. A bull thrusts horns up, while a bear swipes paws down. 

The metaphors describe the trend direction. By definition, Bull Market describes a financial market (or a group of securities) in which prices are rising or are expected to do so. This term is more often used in the stock market, but can be applied to any asset that is traded, like currencies and commodities. Commonly trading is the prediction-based and bullish market is characterized by optimism. The investor might have confidence and great expectation but to predict the exact result is quite challenging. Part of the difficulty of this strategy is that psychological effect and speculations play an important role in the financial markets and the novice traders who lack accuracy in trading should be careful.

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