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Ink pens are the greatest! Large quantities can be purchased very inexpensively. People young and old use ink pens. Many stores, especially grocery stores, have huge flowers on the top of their pens or they have them on a string, tied to the counter. Why? Because people Obsession Phrases unconsciously steal pens. And what is their first thing someone does when they realize that they have a pen that does not belong to them? They read the pen, wondering where they got it from. Purchase some pens and leave a pen wherever you go. If you go out to eat, leave a pen on the table. 

If you go to the grocery store, leave one at the check stand. If you go to the doctor or dentist, leave your pen at the counter. No matter where you go, leave a pen because someone will eventually pick it up and put it in their pocket or purse. Start a contest. Gaming is a huge pastime, just look at how popular games are on the internet. And it's not just kids who play these games. Usually the adults outnumber the kids! People love the chance to win something, no matter what that "something" is. Ask your vendors for help. Your vendors talk to dozens and dozens of small businesses each and every day. They hear many stories from these people. Ask them if they have any ideas for your contest. Ask them if their company will donate any prizes. Many times they will donate very nice prizes. Also, ask your vendors if they have advertising dollars available. This is not as common as it was a few years ago, but some vendors still participate. Basically, they give you the money to do your advertising for whatever event you are having. You need to ask for it though. The money they give to you is usually based upon your previous and current purchases.

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