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Lotto Crusher System Here is the simplest winning system for Pick-3. Check the last 3 draws in your pick-3 draw history file. Then choose randomly in a "box play" any 3 unique numbers which showed up in the winning draws. The winning probability increases almost 5 times or '1 in 167'. But when you choose to play in a "straight play", where the numbers all have to match up, your odds are 1 in 1000. So now, you know what number combos to avoid in order to win a jackpot. But there is something missing here, and that is the winning number combination to play, where most of the winners come from. 

That is something which is covered in more detail in my blog. To prove that this system works in practice, and for curiosity's sake, this writer bought 5 tickets on Pick 3 using the Box method, along with the past numbers from the last 3 draws. The first time, the right 3 numbers came up, but on different rows, so nothing was won. The second time, only 1 of the correct numbers came up, so nothing was there either.

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