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It tells her you're pleased to have met her. Then put her at ease by giving her a little compliment, perhaps about some item of her clothing or her hair - anything that is important to a woman. This can vary according to the circumstances.How many times have you seen a very attractive girl, you wanted to ask her out but somehow you could not summon the courage to do it? 

The simple fact is that guys who are very successful with women are those who approach more women. While looks may help its not the determining factor. Confidence is much more important and confidence is something you will only get from practice and doing it over and over again. The fear of rejection is a big deal. Nobody wants to be rejected and for guys it can be a big blow to the ego. 

Rejection is just part of the game however and one of the first and most important steps you need to take is to change your attitude towards this thing called "rejection". When approaching girls you need to see it just as "practice" and not attach yourself to any specific outcome. If she likes you, great! If she does not like you, great! Its all he same and its all a numbers game. There are millions of attractive women and even if 90% of them say no to you, you will still be in a great position.

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