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While the site does not particularly show the measure of cases you have to utilize, a solitary container of 60 cases should be a month of the supplement. Basically, this implies you have to take two containers a day to get the outcomes you need. You have four diverse bundle sizes to browse when you arrange your jug (or jugs) of Mega Maximus – a trial jug, a solitary sustenance size container, a buy of two jugs, or a buy of three jugs. As you go up in the measure of jugs you arrange, you get exceptional rewards and rebates. The trial container is not at present accessible for procurement. For a solitary month of the supplement, you will pay the maximum, which is $29.95. Buying two containers at a the truth will surface eventually you a free jug of the supplement, which has an aggregate expense of $79.95. At long last, obtaining three containers will acquire both of you reward bottles, which implies you can get five months on end for $89.95. The last choice gets you the most esteem for your buy.


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