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The self help industry is a growing, profitable market. You only have to type 'self help' Opulence For Life Review into Amazon, and you will see there is over 166,000 books alone - not counting the DVDs and MP3 downloads that also appear in the search results. If you type 'self help' into Google you will see a staggering 133,000,000 search results. So, if you are looking at improving some aspect of your life, how do you know where to start? 

Wikipedia describes 'self help' as a self-guided improvement - economically, intellectually or emotionally - often with a substantial psychological basis. This covers the biggest, most influential areas of your life, so you want to pick the method that is most beneficial to you. Here are some pointers to get you started in the right direction. Groups - this can take the form of workshops and weekly support groups. Groups can be beneficial, as you are with like-minded individuals who all want the same results.

This can be of huge benefit as everyone can support each other. Some workshops will get you to either pair up with someone or group people together, to form an after group support group. The downside of groups is that you have to be honest in front of strangers about your current situation and goals you want to achieve - and this can prove an obstacle for those people who suffer from nerves or shyness. 

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