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Yes, there are dishonest carriers out there, and you won't really care much about who they are until you actually experience their dishonesty. Digital Altitude Aspire For example, a person on a prepaid cell phone plan may be surprised to realize that his credits have been cut into half even when he hasn't used it at all. This is usually how it happens: carrier sends a promotional text message; cell phone user opens it and automatically gets credit deductions even when he hasn't agreed to use the service being promoted in the text message. This is a clear case of untrustworthiness. As for post-paid subscribers, untrustworthiness can come in the form of inaccurate time usage and charges reflected on the bill. Ask around. Read online review sites. Stay away from carriers that are associated with any type of dishonest practices. For many businesses operating online, it can be difficult to be noticed by the right audience of potential customers. Finding the right professional help can be equally as difficult. There are many companies advertising their services online, but not all of them are reputable, or using the right internet marketing techniques.

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