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The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary dives into the real reasons why many of us struggle to achieve six pack abs and overall body conditioning. Fungus Key Pro Six pack abs are the center point of overall body development, and it's no surprise why fitness models, bodybuilders and cover models grace the front pages of health magazines promoting the latest miracle supplement and new exercise equipment. The Truth About Six Pack Abs smashes the myths and disinformation of traditional training regimes and diets. Unlike the traditional approaches published by personal trainers, fitness guru's and the health/supplement industry, Mike focuses on the real reason why people struggle to achieve flat sexy six pack abs. The biggest myth that has been taken for gospel by those looking to get in shape is that they believe problem areas can be targeted by spot reducing fat in trouble areas. Unfortunately for most, television and magazines show before and after pictures and videos of people achieving abs with their products such as supplements or the latest whiz bang ab equipment. The truth is that the most critical component in achieving six pack abs is a sound, balanced diet and training regime.

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