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I know a lot of people who have the determination to lose weight and take the initiative to achieve their goals. If you are one of them, I appreciate you for it. But even if you do decide to take action, Lean Belly Breakthrough Review your friends and family are not going to like the fact that you're changing. They will want to pull you down. Now they don't pull you down intentionally. But it's universal. When you change, other people close to you aren't going to like it because their old ways of manipulation won't work against you anymore. 

So if you're seriously dieting and working out religiously, you might hear your friends say, "Dude! You need to have some balance in your life. Come on; let's go to the party and drink." Dieting and working out religiously is a pain in the ass at the start. When you get a chance like this, you automatically forget about your goals and join your friends for a drink. This happens a whole lot more often. And unconsciously, you will justify your action by blaming it on your friends. This is how a lot of people lead their lives.

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