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Flat Belly Overnight Review  
Almost every move you make is either stabilized by or transferred through your torso which is comprised of our abdominals and lower back. Your torso is your body's center of gravity and center of power. Collectively the muscles that comprise your torso are called the Core. It cannot be overstated that the importance of developing and maintaining your center of power, your core, is paramount as it is the base for building all of your muscle groups as you work to get lean, sexy and fit. 

There are many benefits to having a strong core: Even though this article focuses on strengthening your core, it is important to know that sculpting your core is just the beginning to defining a whole new body-you. A strong core is critical to achieving overall health and fitness and is the base upon which you build a total body powerhouse. For those of us who want the washboard abs, crunches are not enough. You must also lower your body fat and this is done with intense cardio, proper nutrition and rest. It is the sum of the total of the entire process that will give you the chiseled set of sexy, slim abs and youthful appearance you desire.

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