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With the news last week about Facebook Places (which is not universally available in all locations, and only on certain phones), Nesdek Inc Review it is time to take a closer look at your privacy settings for Facebook. While you are at it, you might as well look at the same for your LinkedIn account. Be prepared to spend a quite hour or so debating the myriad of choices on both services.

Both of them have a long ways to go to make them simpler, and reek of a user interface that has awkwardly grown like topsy since they were started. And there is no guarantee that this guide will be relevant even next week, because they are constantly changing the options. Let's look first at Facebook. If you go into your Account/Privacy Settings, you have a main screen that shows you a grid, which right off the bat is confusing enough. There are options for four basic categories of contacts: 

Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, or "Other". The other axis is different types of content, including your personal information such as your birthday (and I don't recommend that people list their full real birthdays on Facebook for identity theft reasons), status updates, photos etc.

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