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A good forex trading robot should enable the forex trader to take profits, limit loses and even trail their stops. In other words, other than just being profitable, the automated forex system should also increase his trading exposure in winning periods and reduce trading exposure during losing periods. Money management in automated forex trading is very crucial for the following reasons.

Preserving Capital A forex trader who does not learn how to preserve trading capital is bound to lose it. Many forex robots only allow you to trade a system. Few are able to protect a traders capital even when they are in a drawdown. A good forex robot should be able to have trading parameters that allow the forex trader to preserve his capital when the market is not in tandem with the automated forex system.

Adequate Capital Other than preserving your capital during slow forex trading periods, a good forex robot should also ensure that the trader has adequate capital to trade the system. There is nothing worse than a forex trader entering a trade without adequate capital. It is like going to a fast food restaurant without the proper change to buy a burger. Sooner or later the under capitalized forex trader will probably lose any trading funds they might have in their account. A good automated forex system will alert you to this scenario.

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