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Your best bet is to use a digital hygrometer (humidity meter) to monitor the humidity and adjust your A/C system use to keep humidity readings stable. Most quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers have a built in hygrometer so if you can figure out what your humidity reading is (have your HVAC tech do it, or get a cheap outdoor thermometer from WalMart), you can then go ahead and get either the humidifier or dehumidifier you need. Do try to keep the air as clean as possible, since dust mites are one of the strongest allergens on the planet and each gram of house dust contains an average fo 200 live dust mites--and no one, pet or human, needs to breathe live dust mites. So if you live in a cold or dry climate and find that your indoor humidity isn't where it should be and your pet (or you) have chronic allergies, you can easily fix that problem with humidifiers, dehumidifier, air purifiers, and watching how you use your A/C system. This will help you avoid endless trips to the vet or doctor and the extra expense of allergy medications. In fact, paying less for doctor visits and medications can often save you enough to pay for the air purifier or humidifier you need.Hi, I'm Rex Murphy, owner of Air Purifiers and I wrote this article to help those struggling to get rid of and control pet allergies by using humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers to clean up the air and keep humidity at healthy, non-allergic levels.

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