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Ask your lender to provide you with an analysis of the current market in your area so that you can see which scenario is best for you (renting or buying). The lender should be able to explain your options in detail with examples of monthly rental costs vs. monthly loan payments and the benefits of each. Upon finding a property that peaks your interest, find out the status of the current tenants (if it is a multi-tenant property) in terms of how much rent they are paying. Check the current market to see if the rents are undervalued, meaning below what you can get in the current market. Man Magnet Method Your realtor or lender should be able to help you figure out how much you could charge for rent and determine how much of a profit you can make each month. There are many tax advantages to becoming an owner of a commercial property. In most cases, you can deduct part of the value of the building at tax time, as well as improvements you've made as depreciation, which can save you more money on your taxes. Buying the property under your business or corporation's name is also a better tax strategy than under your personal name.

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