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Smaller meals more often: instead of eating one or two large meals each day which will cause a huge dump of glucose into your bloodstream, HFL Blood Sugar Optimizer Review eat three smaller meals with snacks in between. This means less pressure on your pancreas which will have less difficulty producing sufficient insulin for smaller meals.

 Eat protein and carbohydrates together: you are likely to already be avoiding obviously sugar-rich foods but carbohydrate foods also affect your blood glucose. You can counteract this by eating protein at the same time as you eat carbohydrates. Protein includes fish, lean meat, turkey, chicken breast and even buffalo. 

 Physical activity on 4 or 5 days each week: regular exercise is one of the best ways to adjust your blood sugar levels... if you can't find 30 minutes in one hit, break it down to at least walking for 10 minutes following each main meal. Walking will at least move some of the sugar out of your bloodstream... maybe you would prefer to work with an exercise machine such as a rowing machine, elliptical trainer or an exercise bike.

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