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The Four Percent Group 

One-to-one approach- in this model, the internet marketer targets a user browsing the internet to be able to get the markets' message directly to that user. This used the help of search engines, wherein the advertisements are based on the search engine keywords that the user entered on search engines. Geo-targeting- in this method, marketer uses geo-location software where they can determine the location of the website visitor. This is important for the marketer to know how to cater to that specific costumer. It will be hard to cater to someone without knowing where they are. Internet is everywhere and one disadvantage of it is the location. This method can help you solve that problem. The usual business model is a little different from the methods used by online marketing companies but they the task is the same; get to the highest number of consumers as you can. These models are very useful especially in a place where there are a lot of things going around. Online marketing companies will surely use these methods in order to maximize the opportunities given by the internet.With Internet Marketing bigger than it has ever been, and more and more people wanting a slice of the cake, who knows what is legitimate, who really knows what it takes to be a successful internet marketer? Go to Google and type in 'make money online' I can guarantee you will presented with so much hype its unreal, but the most amazing thing is, people are buying into it! Crazy. Well as promised I want to let you in on a few secrets, let you know exactly what internet marketing is all about and what it really entails. I will also let you in on some truths that I know a lot of you will not like.

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