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Let's add some items cited by many, and which exist in your world because of your DEFECTIVE, INADEQUATE Self-Image (Money Blueprint) . Even though they may be contributing to your failure, they are not the PRIMARY cause of it.Everything always begins in your mind. The Law of Belief (= Law of Attraction) will "materialize" in your reality the EXACT match to your deeply held beliefs, values and rules. "What you deeply believe at the Subconscious level will materialize in your life", "It is done unto you as you believe", "You get exactly what you deeply believeEven Napoleon Hill, in his best-selling book "Think and Grow Rich" invokes the Law of Attraction by stating "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE, it can achieve". Notice very carefully that Napoleon Hill's statement would be incomplete without the verb BELIEVE included.The PRIMARY, ORIGINAL, father/mother CAUSE of your financial failure is -- ONE MORE TIME -- a defective financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint). The REST is consequence of such limited Self-Image.The CAUSE of your financial failure is ALWAYS a defective Self-Image (limiting, conflicting Beliefs, Values and Rules) which activate the Law of Attraction (=Law of Belief) to bring you limited, undesirable financial results which are in perfect harmony with the conflicting, limited beliefs, values and rules you hold.So, here we may cite some CONTRIBUTING factors -- keeping in mind that they are consequence of a defective financial Self-Image, and NOT the CAUSE of it. Most people believe the EXACT opposite and have NO CLUE about their own limited, defective, inadequate financial Self-Images (Money Blueprint).

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