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Infectious scalp folliculitis is commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureus. This condition requires regular treatment with anti-septic soap or lotion, anti-pruritic steroidal creams, and warm swabs on affected area to clear debris of dead skin in and around the affected skin.The choice of antibiotics to be given orally are either, Cephalexin or Dicloxacillin or Flucloxacillin, dose ranges from 250 mg -500 mg four times daily for 10 days.In case of superadded fungal infection local anti-fungal shampoo baths may suffice. Ketoconazole or Econazole are very effective in this regard. Last, but not least important, is alopecia areata which may occur if complication sets in. Oral or local injectable steroids can result in regrowth of lost hairs.As shown scalp folliculitis can be quite annoying but there is are treatments for this type of folliculitis that can more than help someone suffering from this skin condition.If you have suffered with an embarrassing skin problem that makes you not want to talk to others or avoid social engagements, you may be able to control your acne problem through a revolutionary acne treatment provided at a day spa. This treatment, known as Isolaz, is a laser therapy procedure that is painless and helps patients achieve dramatic results. Some patients have even reported receiving immediate results through Isolaz treatment. 

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