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Heart disease just didn't develop out of nowhere to that extent as is today. There are more medications available now than ever before. Yet illness and heart attacks are increasing and not being cured with all its expert knowledge and the many available increasing drug medications. When you look at the skills of our surgeons around the world, they are able to remove organs from one body to replant into another most successfully. Which is a wonderful achievement and yet there is no cure for simple high blood pressure. When a medication described for high blood pressure and the patient is on the same medication or similar still years later, or for the rest of his life as many being told, surely this is not a cure, is it? There is information, statin drugs don't lower blood pressure nor prevent heart disease. If drugs would be so good why is heart disease still the number one killer today? High cholesterol is often talked about by the medical profession, is it really such a big issue though? It just has become an endless parade of pills used only to treat symptoms, not to cure. Doctors don't read independent research reports; they only read drug companies sales literatures. Why is it that drugs don't cure? There is a very good reason for this but it is not a humane one. There is little or no money in cures and prevention. The goal is not to cure, instead to treat people with expensive patent drugs over a long period. Preferably as long as they live because that's where the big money is.

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