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We can't leave out They became known for their "S" series hybrid semi modular rack synthesizers.You can be creative with items from this company by building your own Cwejman modules. They have just come out with their own like of Eurorack format modules. Although new there have been reports that says they are just as good as the previous ones made by this company. Unfortunately the price hasn't changed. If you decide to build your own module then check out the other outboard-style modules and two different compressors. Don't pass by without checking out the dual oscillator module that actually has a built in ring modulator. Hip Flexors Complete Guide  If you are in the market for MIDI controller keyboards, sequencers and a variety of other types of modular gear then see Doepher. They have what they call at A-100 line of modules. Within this line, you will find a light controlled CV interface module that is really unique. In addition, it includes sampling oscillators as well as the standard items. There have been some users that were not happy with oscillators and filters when it came to their sound capabilities. Quality problems have been an issue because of the small size of the modules and knobs. This should not take away from the fact that they are very flexible and creative.

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